Monday, February 19, 2007

Is it Safe to Use Whey Protien Drink?

Is it Safe to Use Whey Protien Drink?

When you regularly got the gym and you become an addict trying to get as big as possible. It is time to take note on the health issues as it can ruin your health completely.

A friend who is really an addict as he cannot live life without visiting the gym for times a week. I believe that is obsessive but it is a fact that this kind of excess use will not doubt create problems in different areas. BUilding muscles fast is a dream a bodybuilder will dream of.

He wanted to put on more weight so inevitably he started to take Whey Protein drink. After a few months he started to have red sopts showing on his arms. He did not think anything of it at first. But It did not get any better but worse.

He then chose to visit his doctor, which was a wise decison and was told it was because of his intake of Whey Protein. Although this was news to him it was evident that taking something as unnatural as Whey Protein will cause some health problems

The advice he received was to obviously stop taking it and if he wanted to have protein he must choose more natural sources. He was given a list which he has now followed with dedication. He has gone off the idea of building muscle.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

How effective is Whey Protein Drink

How effective is Whey Protein Drink

If you are a regular muscle building freak, then you cannot have missed the ultimate bodybuilding supplement - whey protein drink. It has optimal content in vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, EFA's and antioxidants. A review has questioned the effectiveness of this liquid drink for boosting your energy levels.

It is drank after the workout, and comes in powder form which has to be a mix with water or milk. Milk makes it more delicious and the shake is a recipe which has become the 'must have item' for bodybuilders world wide. Although it can be a concentrate form it does not loose it's sweet tasting credentials.

It is a designer drink which comes in flavoured or unflavoured packages. Whey protein drink can be used to supplement a meal only for a short period. As it can be filling for an hour or so. Then a regular meal which is healthy as it will have a more balanced diet containing all the required vitamins.

It feels like a milkshake from your local macdonalds but is more for the people who are involved in heavy physical training. You can buy it from the web or from local gym specialist shop. Soy protein should not be taken as food, as this can be dangerous to your health. conc. Make it a habit to eat after taking a whey protein drink. It will be rather extreme to ignore this advice.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Building Mental Muscle

Building Mental Muscle

Aid strength in building mental muscle and to condition you to be at your most dymnamic peak. Your body should be in top form in the first place. There are principles to follow so you must get acquianted to reading an article or a book on the subject.

Building mental muscle, you have process worked out, so you do not loose the focus of the primarly. Mass body building is a level at which every care should be taken to coach those who have not still understood the enormity of preparation.

Although physical in many ways, it is the essence of the sport to increase mass weight. The author who is most revered will be diffifcult to say, as one can never be sure who has all the best details and diagrams to map the right course.

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Building Mental Muscle

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Muscle Building Workout Plan with a difference

Muscle Building Workout Plan with a difference

Once again I will remind if you have been reading this blog. About information you need to find to help your body, to get the right program to build your muscle. You are like most people wanting to just go to the gym without a group of friends. Not a bad idea but you still need to look like you know what you are doing on your first attempt. And you wish or hope you can meet some like-minded people to share your passion?. Muscle building workout plan is not something to take on lightly.

You are being urgently reminded to think of supplement, nutrition are both part of the life blood of bodybuilding. As such I ask you not to leave any stones unturned. In order to loose fat, fitness becomes the most effective way of starting your routine. With this in mind, all that is necessary is an intensity to reach your goal!. Add too this end, you strive to achieve biceps that to die for.

A series of consistent strength building exercises to bring your fitness levels up should not be ignored. Article might help refresh your memory but this what I am trying to achieve with you. Add lots of chest push-ups in the beginning. It is a more natural way. There a hoax characters who really believe they can fool people by showing someone's video and passing it as theirs to boost reputations.

So, head for the arrow pointing to tyour favourite gym. Muscle building workout plan is the answer to your problem, so get one before you think of stepping into the chest of men!.

What are you waiting for?.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

mass muscle building supplement

Mass Muscle Building Supplement

Mass muscle building supplement is the way. You are not not sure which way to go?. Interms of choosing the 'right' way or the 'wrong' way. Well, it is common sense not to indulge in activities that are considered illegal. One must not have doubts at all!. The tip is to play it safe for healthier diet and better way to live.

Protien is seen as the ultimate in increasing strength but there are drawback if abused. To increase your muscle size, it is better seek out information that will be tailored to your needs. Of course you are under no obligation to plan your workout. But to build lean and mean muscle takes a lot more. Nutrition is essential to your progress.

Bodybuilding, as a natural form of exercise is more controlled and one becomes obsessed with the barbells. If you want to be known as the 'cut' then adhering to a strict daily amount of food to gain the right balance. Build muscle the healthy way.

Mass Muscle Building Supplement

Some Muscle Building Terminology


The same as cut up.


The brief rest between sets that allows your body to partially recuperate prior to initiating the succeeding set. Usually between 1-3 minutes.


A prominence of veins and arteries over the muscles and beneath the skin of a sell-defined bodybuilder.


An umbrella term used to categorize all acts of using resistance training. Weight training can be used to improve the body, rehabilitate injuries, improve sports conditioning, or as a competitive activity in terms of bodybuilding weightlifting.

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Mass Muscle Building Supplement

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Muscle Building Workout

Muscle Building Workout

Muscle building workout is a guide that everyone has to tune to their abilities.
As you can see in this video, he has had a program to follow, and to add he has good nutition, supplement to build his muscles to ultimate strength. You too can if this is what you want. But, his bodybuilding routine is unique to him, so you will have to device a guide and a series of exercise that will benefit you.

Fat will go, and mass effective muscles will take over!. His buceps are huge and must have taken a few years to develop. Muscle building workout has given him the physic he has always dreamed of. His weight has grown over the years of intensive weight-training. It's your turn too.

Information is always available . . .

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Muscle Building Food Tip

Muscle Building Food Tip

You must have noticed all of the buldingbuilding websites, are all only about the technical side it. Wpc might come and arrest you if you are doing the wrong kind of weight training . .Enough!. Let's get serious for a moment and give a tip about building muscle food. It is a known fact it has also made women want to build their muscles. It is a very popular amognst fairer sex.

You can even see online building muscle with women who flex their lean muscles body on camera. I witnessed one competition contender admitting to earning living on the net. I was not surprised after the fan mail she received monthly!. She says even without wins at competition she still has to workout and can be a lone occupation. Building muscle food is mainly based on protein, so you require an expert to give a one to one opinion of your eating habits.

Milk is a drink we all had in our childhood and it never loses its appeal. Products that are designed to build your strength shoud be investigated as these are to help supplement your daily diet faster than usual. Mushasi is a well known nutrition aimed help building muscle food, Without loosing the ideology.

Mass body building is generally frowned upon I believe the individual will know the end effects if they not adhere to natural methods. But, the glory of winning one of the major competition is an allure of wealth and fame is too much to resist.


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